Let’s Discuss Your Appraisal/Valuation Project Needs

You can phone directly at +1 303-399-4361 to discuss your project or expert witness needs (ask for Trevor Ellis). Otherwise, please complete the form below to schedule a phone conversation.

During our conversation, we will:

    • Ask you questions to understand your mineral property, the interest to be appraised, and the purpose of the valuation;
    • Find out the exploration, development, or operating status of your property, and the kinds of documents available;
    • Share our experience working on similar appraisal projects;
    • Discuss your timing needs, our availability, and give you a rough cost estimate for what it will take to develop your appraisal;
    • Then, if we are not the right fit, we will likely be able to refer you to another resource.


My clients and I are extremely pleased at the result, as we achieved a result that could not have been surpassed had we concluded this matter in court…Your work in this case and deposition testimony certainly aided our ability to achieve such a favorable outcome…. I am sure that your testimony was instrumental in our efforts to convince CSSI to settle on our original terms.

- Richard I. Brown

Trevor, I want to thank you for your competence and integrity — a beacon for your industry…. There is no greater legacy for any of us than to be thought of as a person of strong character and integrity. You are the gold standard — and I know you know a little something about both gold and standards.

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    - Robert Parker

If you prefer, just give us a call at (303) 399-4361 and ask for Trevor Ellis.