Let’s Discuss Your Appraisal/Valuation Project Needs

You can phone directly at +1 303-399-4361 to discuss your project or expert witness needs (ask for Trevor Ellis). Otherwise, please complete the form below to schedule a phone conversation.

During our conversation, we will:

    • Ask you questions to understand your mineral property, the interest to be appraised, and the purpose of the valuation;
    • Find out the exploration, development, or operating status of your property, and the kinds of documents available;
    • Share our experience working on similar appraisal projects;
    • Discuss your timing needs, our availability, and give you a rough cost estimate for what it will take to develop your appraisal;
    • Then, if we are not the right fit, we will likely be able to refer you to another resource.


Your work ethic was exemplary and your honesty and integrity in your work product beyond reproach. Because of your help we were able to obtain the largest eminent domain verdict in the history of the state of Connecticut. If it was not for your assistance in this case, I do not believe we would have achieved the tremendous result we obtained for our client.

- James J. Skelton

My clients and I are extremely pleased at the result, as we achieved a result that could not have been surpassed had we concluded this matter in court…Your work in this case and deposition testimony certainly aided our ability to achieve such a favorable outcome…. I am sure that your testimony was instrumental in our efforts to convince CSSI to settle on our original terms.

- Richard I. Brown

If you prefer, just give us a call at (303) 399-4361 and ask for Trevor Ellis.